MORFOLOGI CERITA RATU ULAR: MODEL ANALISIS VLADIMIR PROPP (Morphology of Ratu Ular Folklore: Vladimir Propp Analysis Model)

Zainuddin Hakim


This study aims to examine morphology of Ratu Ular folklore based on model analysis developed by VladimirPropp. The principal issues examined in this study include character functions, schemes and pattern of stories,function distributions among characters, and character’s introduction way in the story. The method usedqualitative descriptive method with classification techniques through literature. The result of the analysisproves that Ratu Ular folklore has nineteen character functions who distributed into seven circles of actions.Nineteen character functions mentioned are lack, wedding, reconnaissance, fraud, absentation, unfoundedclaims, the first function of the donor, delivery, provition or receipt of a magical agent, departure, unrecognizedarrival, struggle, victory, the initial misfortune or lack is liquidated, transfiguration, exposure, marking, return,punishment, and final situation.


morphology, folklore, Ratu Ular, character function

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